What am I even doing here

Hey, everyone! I haven't update this is months, I got a new laptop for my anniversary and it doesn't have photoshop, and I don't feel like getting a virus already from a sketchy download lol, sooooo I decided to go with a simple style layout that I got the base from pinklush! I basically just made it less preppy, and more simple, I absolutely love the simplicity of it. I may redo the colors, but not today.
More updates & stuff below

But, anyway. I have updated a few things, and I'm going to be updating the content pages and separating Christmas from other seasons/regular content. I need to find my old content and upload all of my color schemes, but I haven't had the ambition these days. My anxiety is crippling these days, so I've been relaxing and not pushing myself too far. I hope you all have been doing good, and I will update this soon!

dreaming of summer vibes